Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 07/27/2015

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Monday ~ July 27, 2015

On the Weather Front: 

Still pretty hot and humid.  I am grateful that the early mornings are in the low 90's and try to get as much done as I can during those cooler hours. 

On my bedside table:


On my TV:

Cedar Cove

Heartland - I am addicted to this series!

On the menu this week: 

With it being so hot outside this week, I plan on using my slow cooker and roaster to help keep the house cool ...

Monday: Slow  cooker beef bites over rice with  mixed veggies on the side.

Tuesday:  Movie night  - beef nachos with all the fixings, veggie tray, mixed fruit bowl.

Wednesday:  French toast casserole (roaster), left over mixed fruit bowl.

Thursday:  Slow cooker Sausage and peppers on hoagie rolls, chips and coleslaw.

Friday:  Slow cooker italian pinto beans, corn bread and a side of greens.

Saturday: Pizza!

Sunday: Slow cooker chicken and stuffing, green salad.

On my to do list:

De-cluttering and organizing our home room by room.  

In the craft basket: 

Still working on the  crochet bowls to use for gifts later this year. Am pondering gift themes to fill the bowls with as Christmas gifts ~ movie night package, spa package - music and pampering items, video game package, snack pack, etc. (Truthfully, I have to admit I just love crocheting these  bowls ~ their so easy and fun to make!) 

Homemaking Tip for the Week: 

Nothing to post this week. 

Lessons learned the past few days: 

Sometimes you just have to let things go. It is so much easier said then done. I'm working on it.

On my prayer list: 

My family and friends

Cubix our chihuahua who is not doing well right now. 

A favorite photo: 

Have a great week!


LUV your blog! I tried to follow you but for some reason it wouldn't go through
mindingmomma said…
I too am not using my oven because of the heat and humidity here. Not as high as Texas, but hot for us. I miss Texas, we lived near both San Antonio and Dallas at different times.
Stopped by from HHM to say hi.
I think summer is a great time to use the slow cooker especially with all the heat. Hope you have a wonderful week!