Happy Homemaker Tuesday ~ July 21, 2015

Hosted by Sandra 

Tuesday 07/21/2015 

The weather in my neck of the woods:  I see bright sunshine and big fluffy clouds.  It's going to be a  hot one. Forecast advises it will above 100 degrees today.  

Things that make me happy: air conditioning, swimming pools, picnics and summer fun!

Menu for this week: I'm working on this one still. 

Looking around the house:  I need to start to organize the house room by room. There's just too much clutter going on right now. 

On my To Do List:

Create this week's menu plan  for Wed through Sat.

I am reading: Grace Livingston Hill books  ~ I found 9 free e-books online today.  Click here to view the books!

Recipe to share: a wonderful, tasty summer salad~ 

 In the craft basket: crochet bowls to be used for gift baskets later this year. 

My favorite blog post this week:  

Do Yourself a Favor by Sandra ~ this one really hit home for me!

No words needed:  

Wishing everyone a blessed week!


Kristina said…
Renee, I love the photo at the end of this post. Just gorgeous. Happy reading too. I love her books.
I feel the same way about all the clutter in our home - makes it so much more difficult to clean when there's stuff everywhere!
Love that photo!
Angel Blue said…
I enjoyed my visit and lovey pictures
Carrie B. said…
I love all the summery things that make you happy!! HOpe you're soaking lots of it up. ;)

Love that photo - pure serenity. xoxo
Jessy Skehan said…
The simple, uncluttered life so appeals to me. Myself, I don't have a lot of things. I don't have a lot of clothing or shoes. But it's those that live with me that can part with anything! LOL Beautiful photo! A great place to relax!
anniehow said…
Loved the photo!! I love the beach!! I know what you mean about clutter, UGH!! I had such big plans to organize for the summer, and it's almost August, and only got to a few things done.