Tuesday's Ramblings~ 9/8/08

I woke up to the wonderful sound of rain! I love rainy days- the sound of rain drops falling on our roof, watching rain drip off leaves and the fragrance of it in the air. Big Pea has inherited my passion for grey skies and rain drops....good thing, as we hope someday to relocate to WA state to be with family. Lil' Pea tolerates rainy days but loves the outdoors so much, he'd rather have sunshine all the time. All in all, today is a glorious day to putter around home! Here's a glimpse of our day:

What We're Doing:

The boys are done with school and Big Pea is working on a new K'nex project: The Eggbeater Ride. Lil' Pea is building a portable fort for his Megaman toys to battle his Lego robots. They both are watching Pokeman. (Pictures of both boys' creations coming soon!)

I'm puttering around the house cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes, and trying to get a 2 week menu plan in place. We're on a pretty tight budget right now so meals will be simple but the boys and Aaron have said how much they really like the tasty, simple meals we've been having lately. Woo hoo - works for me! :)

Dinner Tonight:

Left over Summer's Bounty Soup (great slow cooker recipe), rolls and salad. Desert is Aaron's Peach Dump Cake.

Did you know?

Did I ever share that Aaron is a better cook than me? Yep, it's true! Good thing because in the early years of our marriage, if he hadn't been...we would have been forced to eat frozen dinners every night. He's taught me a lot about cooking and got me interested (addicted!) to cooking shows. Anyone remember the PBS cooking shows before Food Network? One of my favorites was The Frugal Gourmet.

Have a wonderful week!