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Confessions of A Harried Homemaker

No, my kitchen doesn't really look like this but I do have a confession to make. I've been meaning to share a secret with y'all for some time but I didn't want anyone to think any less of me. Yes, I can cook and I do it well but when it comes to am not gifted! Ouch, that hurt to type that but at least I've confessed. I've admitted my challenges and maybe there is hope for me yet-LOL!

What brought all this on? Well, I've noticed that since I went part time, I no longer have the excuse of "I'm working, can't keep the house up" anymore. Now that I'm getting good sleep during the week I can't convince myself that the dust on the desk, toys all over the floor and dishes mounted in the sink may be a sleep deprived hallucination. I tried, really I did...but reality hit when I closed my eyes and re-opened them (several times) and it was all. still. there. (Or maybe it was the lego that I stepped on (double ouch!) when I closed my eyes.)

What did I do next? Did I get out a mop and broom? NO...I remembered from my childhood that there was a person called a Fairy Godmother. She was available to create miracles in my life. I clicked my heels (uh no, wrong movie), twitched my nose (uh, no, that was Samantha of Bewitched). Hmm...being a bit bemused that my Fairy Godmother didn't just pop in when I thought about her, I just called out "Calgon..take me away. I need my Fairy Godmother". I waited and waited. A few minutes (hours?) went by and still nothing. Let me tell you....she must have been having her nails done or out on a hot date because she never showed. Can you believe that?

Reality sunk in (finally) and I awoke from my dust induced stupor. I did get the mop and broom out and promptly carried them over to my desk. Did I clean? Nope, I did what any self-respecting blog addict would do. I sat down at the internet and googled for all the blogs that deal with homemaking, organizational tips and creative decorating ideals. (What? Wouldn't you do that?) Luck shined upon me and tons of blogs appeared on my screen. All is right with the world.

I am now going through them all on a quest to create a comfy, clean and well organized home. I would say peaceful but with two wonderful and active boys, a dog, a cat, neighborhood kids coming and going, a small but great home...peaceful is not something that we have here often. Still, I wouldn't trade it at all (except when the cat decides to bring me his kill and drops it on my bare foot before I have had a chance to have coffee.) YUCK! I'm told that it's a sign the cat loves me but really, at least let me have my coffee first.

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Easy Beginner Baby Blanket

I'm a bit behind on posting some of my crochet work. I made this blanket earlier this summer for a co-worker who was expecting their first child.  

I used Bernat Big Ball baby blanket yarn ~ Lilac Leaf for the blanket and Lilac for the edging. This yarn is so soft and easy to work with! 

I followed a pattern from Melanie Ham that I found on Y. Tube. This pattern is SO easy! I was able to make this blanket in about 2 -3 hours.  I added the scalloped edging to finish off the blanket.  

This is definitely going to be one of my "go to" baby blankets to make. It also is the perfect size for a lapghan!

Another Great PBS Show ~ Secrets of the Six Wives

So much has been written about Henry the VIII, his reign and his wives ... what could one more documentary share anything new?  
How about the King's reign from the perspective of his six wives! 

{From PBS}Historian Lucy Worsley time travels back to the Tudor Court to witness some of the most dramatic moments in the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives. Combining drama based on eye witness accounts, historical sources and Lucy’s own contemporary historical comment, Lucy moves seamlessly from the present to the past. In a world run by men where the king had ultimate power, each queen (as well as their ladies in waiting) found their own unique methods of exerting influence. For the first time, it is these women’s stories that Lucy wants to uncover, witness and explore, as well as offering her own take on Henry himself. 

{My Thoughts} 
The film production of this documentary is excellent. Lucy Worsley, the narrator has such a passion for history and it shines through.  Her modern day perspect…

Continuous Granny Square Blanket

Continuous Granny Square Blanket

I had a lot of fun creating this blanket and truth be told, it was so easy - just one large continuous granny square! I was pretty excited to see the colors blend so much better than I anticipated.
The yarn I used was Red Heart's Super Saver and I just picked out colors that I liked.  For the pattern, I loosely based this blanket on The Crochet Crowd's continuous granny square pattern but I wanted to use multiple colors so I adapted his pattern a bit. 

 Colorful Granny Square Blanket Pattern
Color 1 - 2 rows
Color 2 - 2 rows
Color 3 - 4 rows
Color 4 - 2 rows
Color 5 - 2 rows
Repeat the above pattern until you reach the size that you want for your blanket.  To finish it off, I did a row of single crochet for the border.