The Dandelion

I love dandelions. I have since I was a kid. They are so beautiful when they flower; a wonderful mix of vibrant green and yellow. When I look at this picture I think of spring with summer coming right around the corner. Lush green grass and warm sunny weather.

I remember my Mother offering my brother and I a penny for every dandelion we dug up from the yard. I always thought it was a shame to consider the dandelion as a weed needing to be rooted out. (I still went after those pennies though!)

To me, the dandelion is a beautiful flower that is strong, resilient with roots that are deeply embedded in the earth. I see a stalk and flower that will grow strong and tall. It will bend with the winds and the weather growing to be the best it can in areas where most flowers can't bloom or grow.

Some may consider this to be a weed but I consider the dandelion to be a simple, beautiful expression of nature in all it's strength and purity. A miracle created by God!