Wed. Ramblings

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving though it was nothing like we had originally planned. The boys got sick the night before Thanksgiving so we were up to our elbows in kleenex, cough syrup, Tylenol and hot chicken soup!

We still cooked the turkey and stuffing (crock pot dishes for both) and set them aside till everyone could enjoy the holiday. We ended up having a quiet day with just family, snacking on appetizers and enjoying simple yet oh so delicious chicken soup and cheese toast.

It ended up being a really wonderful day and I kept thinking how blessed I am for my family, my home and all that God has given me! The boys are almost back on their feet and we hope to have our holiday dinner this weekend.

Christmas is just four weeks away and I'm only half ready! We have our presents bought and I have a tentative plan for the holiday season. 

In a few weeks we'll be going to see a musical called Rudolph. We started our Advent calendar today and oh boy, the boys are just too excited.

I love this season and our holiday traditions! Over the next few weeks we'll be baking cookies, making homemade salt dough and cinnamon ornaments, baking for our "gift jars" we are handing out this year. My plan is to capture some of these in pictures so stop back to see them soon!

Happy Holidays!