Friday Ramblings

Yeah, it's FRIDAY!

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me and I am so glad the weekend is coming up! Here's a few of my favorite things this week:
  • Star Trek Movie ~ We finally were able to see this movie! We've eagerly been waiting for this movie to come to our "dollar" movie theater. Well, we got to see it for .50 cents each ~ you just have to love those discount Monday night movies! We really enjoyed the film.
  • Galaxy ~ a stray black and white kitten found it's way to our home (literally) this week. She's about 6-7 weeks old and is such a cutie. She was all skin and bones when she arrived but I'm happy to report that she's eating well, fattening up and is a playful little bundle of joy. She is a wonderful addition to our family!
  • I found a several new recipes that we just loved this week. My personal favorite? Cuban beans with rice. It's one of those meals that leaves you really satisfied, energetic and just happy to have enjoyed such a tasty meal!
We plan on having a quiet, relaxing weekend as our youngest is getting over a cold and still has the sniffles, cough and congestion. I hope to get some time to read the wonderful stack of books that I got from the library this week, make a few new recipes and have some family fun.

Here's a wish from our house to yours ~

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!