Tuesday Chat

Yesterday and today it's been raining and thunder storming ~ yeah! We are in desperate need of it right now as it's been so dry this summer. The temp outside is in the balmy 70's and seems a little chilly after having weeks on end of over 100 degree weather!

We spent most of Sunday afternoon at our local pool. The boys had a blast and made some new friends while Aaron and I had a chance to just unwind and chat. We all had fun but unfortunately, I haven't found the right sun block for us and we ended up getting a tad bit too much sun ~ Ouch!

Aaron made us Cinnamon Banana Muffins Sunday night and oh, boy were they delicious! Click here for the recipe and check out that beautiful photo too. The only thing he did differently from the original recipe was that he didn't add the walnuts and he substituted apple sauce for the canola oil. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

What's for dinner tonight? Yummy left overs! We had meat loaf the other day and to utilize the left overs, I am going to slice it and dredge it in some seasoned flour. I'll pan fry them and serve them with a little gravy on top, a side of green beans with bacon as well as some homemade pinto beans. Good ol' fashioned comfort food!

Wishing y'all a wonderful and blessed Tuesday!