Monday Chat ~ 7/13/09

It's definitely a Monday morning and I'm working my way through a steaming cup of tasty coffee. I tried tea for awhile but I admit my first and true love is coffee! Aaron just left for work and the boys are still asleep. The house is quiet and it's so peaceful right now. I love this time of the morning.

Outside: It's already heating up outside and they are predicting it's going to be another scorcher today. This is the 12 or 13th day in a row of over 100 degrees. All I can say is ~ it's too hot!

In the kitchen: Click here to view my menu plan for this week.

In my thoughts and prayers: my family, a friend and her family. I'm also praying that our car can be fixed quickly and not too expensively.

Around the house: Monday is laundry day so I'll be focusing on that today. I also need to do some spot cleaning up in the kitchen and the living room.

On my bookshelf: I just finished re-reading a childhood favorite: Ruffles and Drums by Betty Cavanna. I'm currently reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger ~ it's a pretty good book!

Weekend wrap up: We had a really nice weekend. Our home was happily filled with my boys and four of their friends both Saturday and Sunday as it was too hot to do anything outside. They had tons of fun with legos, K'nex, board games and video game challenges. 

My challenge this weekend? Coming up with enough filling, good for you snacks for a group of growing boys!

This week: 

It's all about car repairs! Our car is on the fritz so we'll be having it taken in to be fixed. 

Library run to exchange books and dvds. Shopping for fall school supplies while things are on sale. Our area shops are having some great .50 cent sales on standard school supplies.

We'll, I'm off to wake up the kids, make breakfast and begin a wonderful new day. Hope y'all have a great week!