The Gift of Life

The other day my kids were watching Kung Fu Panda; I was catching bits and pieces of it while doing chores around the house. At one point as I was passing through the room, I heard the phrase: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift."

The phrase kept coming back to me through out the day and percolating in my mind. (Call it quirky but sometimes my deepest thoughts come to me while cleaning - LOL) How often had I moved through the day like a robot; lost in the past or dreams of the future? How many moments had I let slip by without a thought of really experiencing them, living them? What happened yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet here. The only thing we have is today!

Today really is our gift from God. A chance to start over, let go of the past, a chance to make better choices, an opportunity to live life rather than letting it pass us by. A chance to right wrongs, heal hurts, yell less and love more. A chance to make our own lives and our world a better place.

What would happen if we all chose to live fully in the present?