The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 9/2/2008

Thanks to Peggy at The Simple Woman for hosting this.

FOR TODAY ~ September 2, 2008

Outside My Window:

The sun is coming up and the sky is overcast. We are expecting rain as Gustav (now a tropical rainstorm thankfully!) moves into our area today and tomorrow.

I am thinking:

of the wonderful day of family fun we had for Labor Day! We went shopping at the Goodwill and found some great prices for quilts, blankets and a few other things. The kid's got sleeping bags and were just happy campers. We had family fun, good eats and ended the day by watching Nim's Island. I am so grateful for our family time.

I am praying for:

all those that were and are in the path of Gustav.

I am thankful for:

our wonderful local library system. I can research and order books, movies, cd's online from the comfort of my home. Then, we go to the library weekly (sometimes 2 x week) and pick up our order. 

I am reading:

The Tale of Desperaux by Kate Dicamillo

I am hearing:

birds chirping and calling to each other; my hubby saying good-bye as he heads out for another day at work. My oldest son stirring; he'll soon be up to greet the day as well. No sounds from my youngest....he's still deeply asleep.

From the Kitchen:

We'll be having Slow Cooker Chili with corn chips and a salad for dinner.

Around the house:

Does the laundry never stop? 

Please don't answer that!

Simple Joys:

    The peels of laughter from my youngest son as he watched Gilligan's Island for the first time this past week. 
    He just loves that show! 

    My oldest son saying, "Mom, can we do more science?"
The way my husband shows he loves me: bringing me my morning coffee, carrying in the grocery bags, surprising us with lunch on Friday (to brighten our day).