A Bit of Lil' Pea Wisdom

We were discussing the function of the stomach and we briefly touched on what happens when someone feels nauseated. 

At that point Lil' Pea got a very serious look on his face and with big, earnest eyes stated:

"You know Mom, I stepped and slipped in it once and it was no fun." 

I had a hard time not laughing but I managed and choked out, "I bet it wasn't".

He's started to do air "quotes" to emphasize a point he wants to make. 

I don't know where he picked this up but it's hilarious! Pea Jr., our oldest son almost slipped (but didn't) the other night in his new slippers. 

Lil' Pea ran up to me and said:

"But Mom, of course this happened. Slippers has the word (insert air quotes " " here) "slip" in it."

Too Funny!