The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 8/18/2008

FOR TODAY ~ August 18, 2008

Outside My Window: it is a rainy, cool day. I love this cooler weather. Fall is my favorite season of the year and I can't wait till it gets here.

I am thinking: of the wonderful weekend we had. We puttered and did projects around the house and just had wonderful family time. We didn't get to go to the carnival last week - we went and they had moved on. The boys were disappointed but handled it really well. We decided to have a nice drive with ice cream cones and then came home and watched a family movie.

I am thankful for: vacation from work! This Wed. I'll be starting a week of vacation. We're all excited!

From the kitchen: Dinner is going to be Cowboy beans, green salad and biscuits.

I am wearing: a green shirt and navy shorts with bare feet. I don't like wearing shoes while I'm in the house.

I am going: to check out this website for Christmas planning: Organized Christmas to help have a smoother, better planned holiday season. I find, for me that if I don't start planning now, the season will have come and gone before I have planned for it. (no joke!)

I am hearing: the rain patter on our roof. It is one of my favorite sounds.

Around the house: I have to admit, my housework has been piling up. Today, I am going to tackle the laundry, the dishes and getting it all put away where it belongs.