Another Stormy Night...

Source: Free Photos

We only caught the edge of the storms that came through last night. 

The worst part of the hail and high winds hit about an hour north of us and they were hit with BASEBALL sized hail- OUCH! We had high winds and lots of thunderstorms but no hail. 

We're truly grateful to come through this round of storms so well and are praying for our neighbors in the surrounding counties that were hit so hard.

We had a quiet home night last night. Unfortunately, Aaron had to work but the boys and I enjoyed watching The Water Horse...

It was a good movie. The boys were a little surprised because the movie veered pretty far away from the book version but they said overall, they really enjoyed both the book and the movie. Big Pea and Lil' Pea rated it a 9/10!

There's a lot on my "To Do" list today so I better get started on it! I am looking forward to tonight ~ Aaron is getting off work early and we're going to do some shopping and then come home to a tasty dessert and a movie with my hubby after the boys get to bed. 

Wishing you all a wonderful day!