Mar 16, 2008

Week in Review ~ Renee's Ramblings

The past two weeks have been quiet and simple but joy filled. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The boys were over the moon with excitement when our copies of the Spiderwick Chronicle books arrived. We're reading them together as a family and we really are enjoying them. Can't wait till the movie is released on DVD.

  • We had a great "family night" treat on Thursday- kid's movie choice and popcorn. We watched the movie 3 Ninjas: High Noon on Mega Mountain.  The boys loved it and laughed through the whole movie! It was so neat to hear them laughing and enjoying themselves so much. Aaron and I just looked at each other and enjoyed the wonderful, precious family time!

  • I had a nice birthday ~ One of my favorite gifts was the Ark of Truth DVD. 

  • I'm thanking God for blessing us! We did our bi-yearly stocking of our freezer (from our local meat market) and re-stocked our pantry too. This usually lasts us 6-8 months and it's a wonderful feeling to have a full pantry and freezer. Menu planning is a breeze and shopping on a weekly basis for perishables and coupon items gets so much easier! I use the Grocery Game (GG) for coupon shopping; it's fun and frugal. This past week I saved 68% on our grocery shop at Kroger and CVS netted quite a sale with coupon shopping too! Woo-hoo!I never enjoyed grocery shopping till I started using the GG several years ago.

  • I'm getting ready to "Spring Clean" the house and move furniture around in the Living room as well as continue to re-decorate the boy's rooms. The kitchen will be next.

  • I am almost done with planning our Easter menu; I can't believe it is only a week away!