Feb 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Pea Jr!

We celebrated Pea Jr.'s birthday last week with the family. He will have his "big" birthday party in the spring or summer. 

Here's some pictures:

I promise, I did NOT set his ice cream cake on fire....it just looks like that in the picture-LOL. It must be our camera because I only had 10 candles. 

 We decided to use trick candles this  year on Pea Jr.'s cake. Love the surprised expression on his face when the candles came back on!

We all had a wonderful time and Pea Jr. was thrilled with his gifts.

Letter from Mom to Pea Jr.:

Pea Jr., I can't say enough about how much I love you. You and your brother are both such special blessings in our lives!

You have a wonderful sense of humor and your beautiful smile just lights up a room and makes everyone smile. You are an exceptional young man!

This past year you have found a passion for playing game cube ~ Scooby Doo rules! :)

Your favorite books were Castle in the Attic and Magic Tree House series.

Thank you for being my son. You are dynamite!

Happy Birthday Pea Jr. ~  We Love you!!