Happy Birthday Lil' Pea!

Lil' Pea turned 8 last week! My gosh, time just speeds by. It seems like only yesterday that he was a baby in my arms!

Both our boys have birthdays in January and with Lil' Pea's birthday being so soon after the holiday, we have a family birth "day" celebration. Mom and Dad make sure we are off work and the birthday boy gets to pick his favorite dinner either at home or in a restaurant and a favorite activity.

We spend the day celebrating with the activity and dinner and then we come home to have a family celebration of cake, ice cream and open one family gift (usually a big one from the whole family). Later in the year (in May/June) we host a birthday party for our boys and invite friends and neighbors; that's the big celebration.

This year Lil' Pea chose to go to Chuck E Cheese (of course) for his activity and McD's for dinner (he doesn't like CEC pizza). Both kids played hard and had an absolute blast! (Sorry, no pics- camera problems. I'll scan the some pics when they get back from being processed.) We all had a great family day.

A Letter from Mom to Matthew

Lil' Pea, you are so precious to me! I love the way you wake up all happy and energetic and shout every morning, (literally!!)

When I hear you say each morning, "Good Morning, Mama! I love you!" it just makes my day.

You are a wonderful free spirit; you would rather be outside playing all day in nature than being in the house. I love watching you think and process when you work on a problem and the special light that comes in your eyes when you solve it.

I love the quiet times at night, listening to your Daddy put you to bed and read you your favorite books, The Magic Tree House series. I laugh at your jokes and your antics and when you win an argument out of pure stubbornness.

I thank God every day that He blessed us with you and I love you with all my heart!