Jan 21, 2008

No Friday This Week!

The last two Fridays have been somewhat eventful, to say the least for our family. Two Friday’s ago, Lil’ Pea accidentally poked himself in the eye with a plastic fork. Off we went to the ER and luckily, there were no punctures; it only scratched the white part of his eye and not his cornea. The eye drops helped but the first 24 hours was really painful for him. Nothing is worse that having your little one hurting and you can’t make it go away! He’s all better now and his vision is back to normal but there were a few scary moments!

Just this past Friday, our microwave caught on fire. I was popping some popcorn for the kids and I know I set the timer right. I went to do something in another room and I came back in and the whole thing was billowing smoke. I looked through the glass part and there were the flames shooting- EEK! Luckily, I had caught it before it went any further and I just had to deal with black soot on the wall behind it, the smell (fire and burnt popcorn- yuck) and my thumping heart. I am so thankful I caught it early before more damage was done and praise God for His protection and blessings! My sweet hubby went out and bought a new microwave and set it up. The kids and hubby have used it but I just look at it and keep walking by- LOL!

Needless to say, I think you’ll understand when I say we will NOT be having a Friday this week….we’re skipping directly to Saturday!

Jan 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Lil' Pea!

Lil' Pea turned 8 last week! My gosh, time just speeds by. It seems like only yesterday that he was a baby in my arms!

Both our boys have birthdays in January and with Lil' Pea's birthday being so soon after the holiday, we have a family birth "day" celebration. Mom and Dad make sure we are off work and the birthday boy gets to pick his favorite dinner either at home or in a restaurant and a favorite activity.

We spend the day celebrating with the activity and dinner and then we come home to have a family celebration of cake, ice cream and open one family gift (usually a big one from the whole family). Later in the year (in May/June) we host a birthday party for our boys and invite friends and neighbors; that's the big celebration.

This year Lil' Pea chose to go to Chuck E Cheese (of course) for his activity and McD's for dinner (he doesn't like CEC pizza). Both kids played hard and had an absolute blast! (Sorry, no pics- camera problems. I'll scan the some pics when they get back from being processed.) We all had a great family day.

A Letter from Mom to Matthew

Lil' Pea, you are so precious to me! I love the way you wake up all happy and energetic and shout every morning, (literally!!)

When I hear you say each morning, "Good Morning, Mama! I love you!" it just makes my day.

You are a wonderful free spirit; you would rather be outside playing all day in nature than being in the house. I love watching you think and process when you work on a problem and the special light that comes in your eyes when you solve it.

I love the quiet times at night, listening to your Daddy put you to bed and read you your favorite books, The Magic Tree House series. I laugh at your jokes and your antics and when you win an argument out of pure stubbornness.

I thank God every day that He blessed us with you and I love you with all my heart!

Jan 3, 2008

Moving Forward into 2008

End of 2007 wrap up:

We had a good holiday and the kids really enjoyed Christmas. We had a quiet, family oriented New Years Day with great food, fun and laughter. This year the holiday season was bitter sweet for Aaron and I, with Mary passing just a few weeks before Christmas but we are taking it one day at a time. I am grateful for my family and that we are together and well.

Moving forward into 2008:

I'm still working on my goals for 2008. One thing I feel and want to commit to this next year is really focusing on God and family; making them the major priority in my life and not letting my work get in the way of this. I'd like to have our family grow more close together. I'd like to work on making our house a home; a wonderful, peaceful, joy filled home. I want to grow in my relationship with Christ and to really listen to God; to follow His will for me, not mine.

I wish you all a great year of much joy and blessings!