The Great Pumpkin is Coming!

Every year my kids attend our homeschool Trunk or Treat and usually also go trick or treating around our neighborhood too. That leads to LOADS of candy. We Mom's try to forget what those sugar highs can do to our kids, right???

A few years ago a friend shared some wonderful advice. She started having her kids keep 1/3 of the candy they got and then they gave the rest to the Great Pumpkin. They would sort through their candy and keep their favorites and then they'd set their bags of candy out for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween night. The morning after, there would be a present left for each of her kids.

We tried it with our kids two years ago and it's been a hit every since! They get to enjoy the candy without overloading too much (LOL) and they get a great present as well. We try to donate the candy but if not, Aaron takes it in to his work and his co-workers enjoy it.