The Good, The Sad and the Challenging

The Good:

We were able to bring Mugsley, our new dog, home today. He ended up having kennel cough so the vet kept him there for a week to make sure he was on antibiotics and not a risk to our pets at home already. He's such a cutie! Unfortunately, he'll have to be kept isolated from the other pets for about a month but we have everything set up. He'll be camping with our oldest son (whose thrilled of course!).

The Sad:

We didn't get to go to Trunk or Treat :( . We were on the way and one of our tires blew out. Aaron couldn't change it as he's still recuperating with his knee so we ended up using our roadside assistance from Sam's. It's the first time we used them. We called a cab and brought the kids and us home and Aaron went back to wait for the truck to come. The kids were SO disappointed; we really felt bad for them. They looked so cute in their costumes and for once, I remembered to bring a camera. I was going to take pics and show you all how much fun we had! Still, we ended up having a nice family night at home. The kids are now looking forward to T or T on Wed. night.

The Challenging:

Our Van!! We have put excessive amounts of money on our van in the last six months. We have debated about trading it in and getting a new car but we really don't want another four or five year loan. We are going to have to get four new tires and still have further major work to get done on it. We're praying as to what to do because either option of fixing the van or getting a new car is going to cost lots of bucks. We have so much to be thankful for so I'm really not complaining. It'll work out fine; we're just praying and researching which choice will be the best.