Introducing My Family

I have been blogging for about three months now. I have posted lots of recipes and music, our pets but I wanted to get comfortable with blogging before starting to post pictures of my family. 

Me: You already know quite a bit about me from this blog.

Dear Hubby/Dad: He's fun loving, works in the field of computers and is an overall great guy! He's into sports, music, building and fixing things, computers, online gaming.

Our Boys:

Pea Jr. ~ aka Mr. Negotiator

He's our first born and he loves to negotiate. If he doesn't like a decision, he'll come up to us and say: "I have an ideal! Lets...." and then he'll present his case. He does it logically and it's usually pretty well thought out. We have no ideal how he started this but he comes up with some really interesting takes on presenting his views! 

He loves music, gamecube/gameboy games, science, astronomy and is into the Magic Tree House book series.

   Lil Pea ~ aka Mr. Fearless: 

He is our second born and is a dare-devil. No challenge is too small or large for him! 

He loves gameboy/gamecube games, GI Joe, Power Rangers and he absolutely loves to build things. He can spend hours with his legos creating a whole group of robots, houses and forts.