Garfield Our Talking Orange Kitty

Garfield is unique in that he "talks" to us. Not human talk... but very real, patterned cat talk. He is the most talkative cat we've ever had. When we first got him all he would do at night is go up and down the hall calling to our other cat to "come play with him" in a very specific tone and pattern. My dear husband and I said a very brief but thankful prayer when Miss Too decided to become his friend and "agreed" to play with him at night. Sleep....blessed sleep! Sometimes I am sure he's saying, "If you'll just'll understand me. How clear do you want me to make it for you?" At least his TONE implies that!

Picture this....It's 5 am in the morning and Garfield is lonely. Miss Too is curled up sleeping and our dog (Eddie) is sleeping with us. In fact, everyone is sleeping except Garfield....he's decided he's lonely and someone should be up! He comes up to my side of the bed and meows; when he gets no reaction, he gently nips my hand and meows again. He repeats this several times till I say, "Garfield, it's too early...I'm not working this week. Go back to bed!" Does Garfield do this? NO!!!

He promptly goes to the bathroom down the hall (which I am SURE he knows is very acoustic) and meows as if he is dying. At that point I jump up, go running to where he is and flick on the light. There is Garfield with a huge cat grin swishing his tail back and forth and looking like "I knew that would get you...he....he...he!)".

He proceeds to guide me back down the hall to his cat dish, which is NOT empty and meows again. At this point, I know he's asking for fresh food and water (he has me trained very well!), so I do it. Then, in true orange cat fashion...he goes and curls up in his "favorite spot" and goes to sleep.

If only I was able to go to sleep after all of that!