Quick and Easy Spring Baby Blanket!

This blanket actually started out as my mood blanket for 2016 that I intended to create over the year but I forgot about an upcoming baby shower for one of my co-workers until it was just about a week away.  

Luckily, I had lots of solid granny squares already completed so all I needed to do was to crochet them together.  I was more than a bit nervous as it was my first time combining squares for a blanket!  

It isn't perfect by a long shot but it turned out better than I expected and my co-worker seemed to like it. I regret that I didn't have time to have it blocked as I think the finished product would have been more presentable. Still ... I am sure my co-worker's baby really won't notice it at all. :)

Quick and Easy Spring Baby Blanket 

I took 25 solid granny squares that I had already made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn to make a 5 x5 row blanket. The solid granny squares started out as a 4 row square and I then added a fifth row of white edging for each square (view part 1 of video).  

Once I decided on the pattern, I attached five squares into each row (second part of video) and then I attached the five rows one row at a time. I chose to have the ribbed edging on the right side of the blanket and I was pleased with the results.  I didn't fluff it up as B. Coco does in her video; I just let it lay flat but either way, it looks really nice.     

To complete the blanket I decided to create a standard double crochet edging to finish it off. Next time I think I might do two or three rows to make the border stand out more.