Friday Musings

Way to Go, Pea Jr.!

Pea Jr. (our eldest) went to the library last Saturday and picked out his summer reading books. When we planned our Summer reading, he wasn't too thrilled. He reads well and loves to listen to others reading but he never really liked reading by himself much.

I don't know what has happened but this past week but he is reading voraciously and enjoying it! The other night we heard him giggling in his room after he went to bed and when Aaron and I checked on him he was reading one of his books; his eyes were glowing, his face was full of excitement and every once in awhile he'd just bust out giggling over something funny in the book. It was such a precious sight! I asked him about it the next day and he said, "Your right Mom. Reading is FUN!" (Music to my ears!)

Aaron was off yesterday and we had a great family day. We went for our first swim at our community pool, got treats from the ice cream van and had a blast. When we got home we were all tired but in a good way. We are a nice shade of light pink today so I guess I'll have to get a better sun screen for next time.

Our weekend plans include finish getting our yard in shape and cleaning our patio so we can start enjoying this great weather (before it gets too hot!). We hope to make some home-made ice cream and we also plan to go to Half Price bookstore to submit the boys' weekly reading sheets and get their weekly prize. In between all that, I'll be working from home a bit this weekend. I'm looking forward to that too.

Hope y'all have lots of weekend fun!