The Faith of a Child

I remember as a kid I loved to play in the forest. I was fortunate to grow up with woods right outside my back yard. I can still remember my Mom packing my brother and I a lunch and running to spend the day in the woods when we were about 6 or 7 years of age. A brown bagged lunch never tasted so good as when I sat on the side of a creek in the summer and ate it in the forest shade. We'd be gone the whole afternoon and come home only at dinner time. (Of course, that was a long, long time ago when everyone knew their neighbors and it was safe to let kids go off by themselves for play without having to worry about their safety and well being).

While I skipped and ran through the forest and explored the creek beds for treasures, I was perfectly at peace and content. The forest was a magical place for me where I dreamed of angels and fairies. If I got lost in the woods or couldn't find my way back, I would say a quick prayer and then I'd feel as if angels were walking with me, guiding me home. Sure enough, I'd soon find a trail that I recognized and I'd be back on a familiar path.

Looking back, I can't believe I wasn't scared or fearful being alone in the woods and lost. I realized that back then I knew that I was never alone ~ God was always with me. I never doubted God or feared that he would not be there for me; I didn't fret.

I had the simple yet awesome faith of a child and I walked one step at a time, allowing God to guide and lead me home.

The winds and rain of life have blown hard today. I found myself struggling and pushed to my limits but thankfully, I called out to God. He answered by filling me with His love and grace as well as reminding me of this wonderful memory from my childhood. He reminded me that He will always be there, I am not alone and that when I can no longer go on, He will carry me. I was blown away and in awe of His love and caring! In our darkest hours, God is there. He will never leave us.

May we all have the faith of a little child as God leads us through our lives.