Monday Daybook ~ 3/23/09

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Today: March 23, 2009

Outside my window: it's grey and cool. We're expecting rain later today.

I am thinking: of my wonderful hubby. He went and rented the Twilight DVD on Friday at 12 MN because he knew how excited I was about seeing it. He's the best! We watched the movie and it was good; a great adaptation from the book.

I am thankful for: Maria! She blessed me with the Lovely Award earlier this month. Maria, thank you so much! I am truly honored. If you haven't been to visit Maria, I highly recommend it. She is on fire for the Lord!

From the Kitchen: Cabbage and Bacon soup and homemade bread.

I am reading: 

A Mending at the Edge by Jane Kirkpatrick.

I am creating: plans for our vegetable garden. This year I am going to try out this garden style. I found it at The Empty Nester's blog. I'm really excited about this!

Around the house: I need to straighten the kitchen, do laundry and put it away and finish re-arranging/organizing the boys' new play room.

One of my favorite things: the sound of rain falling onto our roof.

A few plans for the rest of the week: plan our Easter menu, develop a unit study for Earth Hour and family party for this Saturday night.