Books I loved as a child (and still do)...

Recently, I was able to come across some reprints of a series that I dearly loved reading when I was a child: 

I still enjoy these books and I am so excited about sharing this series with my boys! Mmmmm... my all time favorite book in this series? 

I can't wait to find out which ones will be Lil' Pea and Pea Jr's favorites! 

Since I am strolling down memory lane, I thought I'd share a few more series that I loved as a kid ...

After The Bobbsey Twins, I graduated to Cherry Ames, Student Nurse.

This delightful series fueled my  imagination. I dreamed of being a nurse and traveling the world! 

Click here to read more about this book series as well

Of course, the next big series I delved into was the Nancy Drew Mysteries. I loved and devoured these books like they were candy. Couldn't  get enough! 


 I also enjoyed a few Dana Girl Mysteries ...

I was lucky enough to have access to my brother's books as well, so I read (and enjoyed) both the Hardy Boys  mysteries too. 


It's amazing how the books above have lasted over the years and how each new generation of children are enjoying them over and over again! 

Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me!