Mar 23, 2017

Check Out These Great E-Book Deals!

Couldn't pass up sharing some of the great e book deals I found today. They all sounded too good to pass up! 

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Happy Reading!

Mar 16, 2017

Another Baby Blanket (with updated pattern)

A co-worker's daughter is having a baby girl and her theme was "pink/gray" color scheme. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find anything to match but after a bit of searching, I found the perfect yarn! 

(Not the chunky version) 

(4.25 oz/120 g/310 yards)

It's a more delicate yarn than the thicker blanket yarn I'm used to using but it was just perfect for this project.  It is so soft, has a wonderful sheen and it's the perfect thickness for a spring blanket! 

I based this baby blanket pattern, Sugar and Shine Baby Blanket done by Mike @ the Crochet Crowd. I watched all of his videos when I was learning how to crochet. Check out his video for this blanket ~ it's excellent!

This blanket takes about 2 skeins of the Bernat softee baby yarn which made the blanket about 28 - 30 inches across, depending on the size crochet needle you use.  (I used a 4.0 cm crochet hook but next time I'm going to try out the 4.5 cm hook.) You will also need extra yarn for whatever type of border you wish to use. 

I followed Mike's pattern using a single color for the granny square till I reached the blanket width I wanted, then I veered off on my own for the border. 

 Pink Flannel Baby Blanket 

Blanket folded in half for the picture.

I was really pleased at how it turned out and hope the mother-to-be likes it!

{The Border}

Row 1:  Crochet an initial row of single crochet stitches  (using two sc for the open chain spaces and 3 sc for each corner of the blanket). I ended the row with a single slip stitch to join the ends with a ch2

Row 2: Crochet this row using the half double crochet stitch; end row with slip stitch and Ch2.   

Rows 3 and 4: Repeat row 2. When you are ending the 4th row, slip stitch and draw the yarn through and pull it closed. Weave in the tail with a yarn needle and secure the end.

The Wizard's Dog by Eric Kahn Gale

I posted on my book blog yesterday about this wonderful book I came across. While it's targeted for Middle Grade children,  it really is a wonderful book for kids of ALL ages! 

Click on this link to read my review.